Q: What does it mean by "does not cast shadows" ?
A: The Smart Light has been specially designed, using advanced engineering and mirror technology to "bend" the light so that it literally wraps around objects and creates a "shadow less" light.

Q: Why does the Smart Light come with a short cord ?
A: The Smart Light comes with a short cord for easy mobility and convenience. Using a short cord, you can unplug the Smart Light, move it to another vehicle, and plug it back in. You never have to worry about the cord getting tangled or getting in the way!

Q: Why does the Smart Light come with a GFCI extension cord ?
A: The Smart Light comes with a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) extension cord as a safety measure. We all know that with the chaos sometimes inherent in a busy shop, accidents can happen. In the event of an accident, the GFCI extension cord will trip the electrical circuit, cutting the power to the cord and the light. This way, no one can be hurt. The cord is also yellow, so that it stands out clearly, allowing you to be aware of where it is at all times.

Q: Will the Smart Light fit on any hood ?
A: With a few exceptions, the Smart Light will fit on NEARLY any hood from 50 to 70 inches wide.

Q: The Smart Light won't shine in my eyes ?
A: Correct. The body of the light has been designed with a shield that sends the light downward instead of forward. The Smart Light is also self-leveling, so the light shines only where you want it to!

Q: Is it true that the Smart Light will not produce heat ?
A: True. The Smart Light uses a special ballast, and fluorescent bulbs that will not produce heat. Even after running for hours, the bulbs and ballast will only reach 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit, and is very safe to touch.

Q: How can the Smart Light increase productivity ?
A: The Smart Light lights up the entire engine compartment and eliminates the need for a droplight. This leaves both of your hands free to work, and saves time, as you will not have to move or readjust your lighting every few minutes.

Q: What is the Smart Light Warranty ?
A: MARK 10 products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty covers manufacturer defects and workmanship. The warranty excludes misuse or abuse, and normal wear and tear. Exclusion is not allowed in some states and may not apply. MARK 10 will assume both parts and labor expense of correcting defects during the full warranty period. All warranty start from the date of purchase to to the original end user. If MARK 10 confirms the existence of a defect covered by this warranty, the defect will be corrected by repair or replacement at MARK 10’s option. MARK 10 will repair damaged products at end user’s expense. MARK 10 will give a written or verbal estimate before repair or replacement is made.